How do u get papers for a baby blue nose pitbull?


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Only way to get papers is if the parents are registered.
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Papers in the way that most people mean and that have any meaning at all beyond a high priced piece of paper have to come from the breeder as they follow the line. Papers are mostly about tracked lineage so a breeder has a litter which is registered to the sire and dam whose sires and dams were registered and so on and so on.
Really doesn't mean much (anything) if you and I decide to print out a piece of paper with whatever we want it to say and nothing behind it and possibly inaccurate info, does it? If papers and pure bred (which is reasonably assured by registration with a reputable registry that requires lineage) are important to someone it has to be considered before getting a puppy/dog, after it's too late to worry about it if there were none and doesn't effect their ability to be a good pet so not the end of the world at this point if you aren't able to get them from your breeder.

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