What Does An Albino Blue Nose Pit Bull?


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The pit can be albino with a blue tint to its nose..this only means that the dog had blue nose Pits somewhere in its pedigree. The only bad thing about Albino Pits..ukc does not let you get papers on them because of they are Albino.
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Nichole Herrera
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That is a stupid answer, look up albino, it means that there is no pigmentation. No you cannot register an all white pit because it is against the standard, so if you are looking at all white puppies that means that they are probably mixed, most likely with a dogo (unlikely because they are not common in US) which is an all white dog with black nose, lips, and eye lids. And blue is a dilute black, so that may be where the white dog is getting a blue pigment in the skin.
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There is no such thing. First an albino means that the animal has no pigmentation at all meaning that the dog will be white with pink skin, and red eyes. So there cannot be a blue nose albino

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