How Long Does It Take For A Blue Nose Pitbull To Deliver The Puppies?


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Birth process in all dogs starts after 9 weeks or 59-68 Days. This process starts with the signs of labor which can occur 8-48 hours before start of labor pain. Complete birth process in dogs can take 2-6 hours depending upon size of litter. Small litter size is delivered earlier than larger one which take more time. So after the start of true labor it can take 6-24 hours to start whelping. Process of whelping is characterized by restlessness, pacing and straining and is completed in 2-6 hours.
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It can take a while, up to several hours depending on the size of the litter. But you might take her to the vet if she takes more than 6 hours for her to deliver. Hope this helps.
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What is the normal temp of a pitbull bitch before labor & what is the temp suppose to be for her to be going into active labor
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My dog had one puppy this morning at about 10 and now she had another one how many  hours before she has them all?

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