Is It Possible To Get My Pitbull Registered If I Don't Have Papers On Her?


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AKC does not register pit bulls. ADBA and UKC will not register them unless the parents are both registered w/ them. CKC will register them if you can prove that they are full blood. You have to have the people that you bought the pup from write out a letter saying what the bloodline is or the history of the dog its self. You can look CKC on the internet and find out the rules. There are also other places that you can register your pit you need to look up pitbulls up and you should find out about the different places that you register with.
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You can't get the dog registered unless the parents were both AKC registered.  Then the breeder had to register the litter then they would get papers that they would have given to you for you to register with AKC.
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Totally agree with you otherwise thats possible that they are not pure breed puppies there is so much of cross breeding going around these days
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You wouldn't be able to and have the papers mean anything. Registration and 'papers' in the sense that they mean to most people has to do with tracked lineage. Actual registration papers must be passed from breeder to breeder to breeder to buyer and so on for generation upon generation as the registration follows the line and what it's all about.
The registration are meant to be a reasonable reassurance and proof that the dog is pure bred (and for those breeding who need to know the lines), if there is no lineage behind that it defeats the purpose. You would not be able to register your pup with any of the registries considered reputable and to mean something (AKC American Staffordshire Terrier, UKC, ADBA) without verified lineage.
Since it's something that must be considered before getting a puppy if it's important to you or you were considering breeding since it can't be changed after and doesn't mean your pup won't be a great pet, it's not the end of the world. The important thing is you got a great pup who is a hopefully healthy and awesome pet and you guys love each other.
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You can't if your dogs mun and dad are register you should have got the papers for him or her then I only know this cus I wanted to register my dog

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