Does A Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies Blue Eyes Change Color Afyter A Certain Age?


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Yes, the pretty blue puppy eyes of a blue or other dilute-colored American Pit Bull puppy will almost always change. In blue dogs, the eye color will usually become a sort of hazel, a mixture of gray and light brown, though in the darker blue dogs they eyes will become brown, just a lighter shade than what you normally would see in a black dog. In red-nose dogs, another dilute color, the eyes will usually turn gold, light green, or amber colored. If the dog has a lot of white on it, meaning it's a "piebald", it could keep one or both eyes blue, since the same gene that removes color from the coat to produce the white markings can also remove color from the irises of the eyes, resulting in an eye that looks pale blue.
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Yeah my blue (and white) pit's eyes changed once he got around 1 yr. Old.  They went from a true light blue light grayish now.
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After 7 to 10 weeks
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Change in color in the nose of dogs is not breed specific but it can be related with age, environment and some pathological conditions. Dog nose can be liver colored, black, pink, or same as color of coat depending upon breed. Aging is one of the reasons of change in nose color. In old ages,activity of an enzyme called tyrosinase becomes less resulting in to loss of pigmentation. This enzyme is also temperature sensitive. Its function is at peak  hot conditions  and low in winter. Change of nose during cold weather is dependent on above mentioned phenomenon and condition is called snow nose or winter nose.

Some medical conditions can change nose color. These are
  1. Trauma
  2. Abrasion
  3. Contact dermatitis especially plastic foods dishes
  4. Vitiligo
If your dog nose has changed from black with no other signs of illness then no need to be worried. Otherwise get vet help.
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Pit balls are illegal in my country, but loads of people have them, and I don't think the eye colour will change but that just a gusse

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