Do Blue Nose Pitbull Shed?


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Sharon McKenzie answered
ALL dogs shed, even the so-called "non-shedding" breeds like Poodles, whose loose hairs don't fall to the floor, but get tangled up in the rest of the coat instead, making frequent brushing and grooming an absolute must.  All American Pit Bull Terriers shed, regardless of their coat color, and those that live indoors will tend to shed all year-round.  Blue dogs result from a genetic mutation that dilutes the black hair and pigment to gray, and blue dogs usually have fewer hair follicles per square inch of skin, so when they shed, they will look more "moth-eaten" and even have patches that are nearly bare, compared to non-dilute colors.  Many blue dogs have poor immune systems, though this is probably due to poor breeding practices, and are therefore more likely to develop skin/coat problems.

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