How Do I Register My Pit Bull?


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If you acquired a pit bull puppy and want to register it, there are a number of steps you need to take to complete the process.

You will most likely want to register your pit bull with the American Pit Bull Registry. It is the world's largest registry for pit bulls and can offer you more services that you will get anywhere else. The American Pit Bull Registry has forums and experts you can consult on a number of topics such as responsible dog ownership, how to acquire a pit bull, and it has a list of APBR Certified Kennels so you know where you can go to get the best possible care for your dog.

If you have a pure bred Pit Bull and want to register it you'll need to visit their web site at and chose one of three ways to complete the registration process. You have the option of doing everything fast and easy online, which is the fastest and easiest way to complete the process.  Or you can chose to print out all of the forms and fill them out by hand and then mail them to the address that is listed. A third option is to fill out and send all of your forms online but send all pictures of your dog and/or your payment by mail.

Once you have started the process you expect it to take six to ten weeks to get your official registration papers. With these papers in hand, you can expect to get top dollar for any stud service if you intend to use your dog in that manner. You'll also get more money per puppy if your dog has a litter. Registering your Pit Bull with the American Pit Bull Registry is an important step to get the most out of your dog.
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The APBR known as American Pit Bull Registration Service. It is the largest Pit Bull specific registry in the world and it registers Pit Bulls internationally

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Anonymous answered provides pitbull registration internationally as well as a Certified Pitbull Dealer Program (CPDP). Check out thier prices online at Much better than the ABPR.
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You can go to your local pound for info, well wherever you went to license the parents is where you'd probably find info if for some reason they can't direct you in the right direction, then I'd try searching online about it...Google it or whichever search site you'd like.  I'm sure you know to have all the papers ready that are necessary for registering... I'm pretty sure you'll need both parent's papers in order to get the pup's papers (registry).  Sorry I wasn't much help, but I thought I'd throw out what I knew, k?  Hope you find out, keep me posted on what you ended up doing,please?  Fyi:  My male pit just had 8 baby bullies jan.3rd 09', so I'm going through all the puppy stuff too!  Thanks!
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It depend on you want to register your dog with I deal with CkC you have to wait at least till your dog is about 6mos take a picture from front and both sides get three people to sign and say that dog is what it is and they will send you all the paper work all you have to do is call they'll let you know
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Call who call me let and let me know because i really need them this is deon and my number uis 252 826 3722
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If I don't have papers on my pit how can I get her
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The APBR known as American Pit Bull Registration Service. It is the largest Pit Bull specific registry in the world and it registers Pit Bulls internationally. In addition to registration services they are the largest information provider on the world wide web. For the registration process, see the link below:

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