How Can I Get Papers For My Pitbull Puppies?


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You apply for litter registration with the registry of the sire and dam. Sire and Dam need to be registered to register a litter. If you got the pups from someone they are supposed to provide you with the registration applications for the pups that they got when they registered the litter.
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Normally the owner should give you the papers to the puppies or the can't be registered,either that or if you know anyone that beeds pups for a living and you could ask them if they will sort papers out for you as your pups could have come from the breeders dogs if you are really friendly with a breeder,probably shouldnt tell you that but I know someone that does it
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Your friend should really stop that. Aside from the fact it's not ethical period do they comprehend what is going to happen one day? One person to ask a question to get the ball rolling. After that maybe a DNA, after that they will pull ALL papers from those dogs, and any pups down the ENTIRE line. Pups that had pups that had pups etc. The people will be told why. They will be suspended and it will be public record and everyone will know. People looking for pups will see they were suspending.
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And they will be able to see that they were suspended for lying and for what their dogs were. Breeding rep IN THE MUD. Then, all those people that have dogs from that line that had their registration yanked? There will be legal and civil ramifications. It's fraud, it's intent, it's intentional infliction, it's a lot of things. It's not something to mess around with and your friend doesn't want to risk getting caught doing it. It also negates the whole reason for papers if they aren't accurate.
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Hit me up I know how to get some.

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