How can i get papers for my blue red nose pit?


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Regardless of what color your pup or their nose is papers that mean anything have to come from the breeder. They follow the line so the breeder has the litter registered with a reputable kennel club to the registered parents and passes on the individual registration to the buyer and their breeder did the same and their breeder and so on and so on for many generations back.
Papers represent a tracked lineage and so are the reasonable representation that your pup is pure bred and are also a requirement for any sort of good breeding. It needs to be considered before getting a puppy since nothing can be done after, if it wasn't important before it's not the end of the world now and doesn't change whether they are are a great companion or how much you guys love each other.
There is information for you in the links. In the conformation page there are links to the relevant registries/standards (UKC, AKC, ADBA) at the top. I'm also wondering if you may have been a bit misinformed by whomever you got the pup from. Good Luck to you.

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