How To Give IV Fluids To My Parvo Puppy At Home?


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You would need to talk to your vet because you will need the equipment and the correct amount of fluids you can give your puppy based on weight. You would not want to give to much fluid to an already weak puppy and cause the puppy to go into heart failure.
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Thanks for your help but do all animal clinics give the equipments?
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Sure they do. I suggest you have the vet administer the injection of dextrose and just take your dog home to lessen expenses. But be sure to ask the vet about meds you should give your dog. Most probably he'll give you antibiotic and meds for nausea. Give your dog pedialyte and parvaid to prevent dehydration. Taking your dog home for parvo treatment is a round the clock duty as it needs much of tender loving care. Good luck!

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