When Do I Know It's Time To Put My Dog To Sleep?


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For me, it's just a feeling I get when it's the right moment.  I'll see my dog's health declining, and I'll know the time is coming, and maybe his or her life just seems to be getting worse and worse.  One day I just know today's the day and that's when we go in and have it done.  My first time, it was after a neighbor complained about the smell coming from my apartment.  My dog was incontinent, and even though I cleaned up every mess as soon as it happened, it still smelled.  Another time, I made the decision with my head instead of my heart, when my dog lost his fecal control.  I still don't feel right about that decision, even though the vet said it was the right decision that day.  (You may be different from me, though.  You may make the decision with your head and feel good about it.)  Last year, I had a dog come down with weakness, swollen legs, an intestinal bleed (bloody poop) and the vets did everything they could for him, but he was so sick and clearly suffering, that I couldn't make him go through that and we went together to the vet's office.  I sat on the floor with him and gave him his favorite neck stretches while the vet did his job.  It was horrible that he went, but it was a good way to go.  It's hard to make that final decision, when the dog is going through the normal decline of old age, but you'll know in your heart when it's the right moment.  As the other person who answered you said, you can talk to your dog and tell him it's okay if he goes.  You can even talk to your dog and ask him if he wants to go.  You may be surprised when you get an answer, but he may look at you a certain way, or just behave differently somehow, that will tell you yes, he's ready.
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Aw honey that's so hard but let me tell you how I handle this a few years back...my dog was having problems with her legs and urinating in her bed. I took her to the vet and he took xrays he then gave her medicine that at first didn't seem like it was working I talked to a old country doctor and he said keep getting her medicine but when laying on the floor give her some gentle physical therapy and it worked she ended up having a kidney disease from lack of exercise she lived another 6 yrs to almost 20 years old...so have her kidneys checked and see if vet can't help her out..quality is the key word here not quantity of years..hugs to you honey I know its hard btw my dog laid across my lap one nite took a deep breath and was gone that quick..I will put you in my prayers
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Everyone wants to keep their pets forever...but you get to a point where you don't want to see them suffer or be in pain anymore...you'll know when you reach that point. It's your dog and when his pain is more upsetting than losing him then you know.good luck.
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You will know when it is time to put your dog to sleep - when they are in pain, and no longer able to walk - Blindness is liveable -but if she is in pain and has no quality of life - then you know.  They would rather be with you, until it is their time to go - they almost tell you - it is very very sad to say good bye to your dog - I have had to do this, and it still brings tears.
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Before you go down that road I have a  suggestion.  I have a 10 year old Boxer and he was having a hard time gettin up and he acted like he was in pain.  I went to 1-800-pet-meds and got this stuff called   Yucca. It's for arthritis pain and stiffness. It was only $15 a bottle. You give 1-2 drop for every 10 pounds of body weight. Now my dog is out in the yard playing with my kids and chasing 4 wheelers!!!  He is about 80 pounds and I give him 12 drops twice a day.  This is absolutely AMAZING stuff and it's all natural.  Give that a try, I think you'll like the results!!  It takes about a week and a half to see the difference.  Let me know your how it works out for you!!
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I would spend a day or two with him, and then put him to sleep. I think he is suffering enough now if he has no appetite and is in a lot of pain, you have really had him for a long time now. I think it might be the most humane thing that you can do for him. Hope this helps, sorry for your loss.
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It is very miserable condition and M am very sorry for that.  Eye drops alone will not work. Sometimes sever eye infection require antibiotic shot. It will be good to see a vet and discuss this with him.
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I think the only way you can really decide if it is time to euthanize an animal is if it has poor quality of life. Talk to your vet to determine if your dog is in pain, if so, will it get better soon, or can the pain be dealt with using medication. If your vet says no to both of these, he or she will probably recommend euthanizing. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I know how difficult this decision can be.

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