How Often Do I Give My Puppy Parvo Shots?


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You should give your puppy it's first shots the day after you have picked your puppy up from the owner, if the owner hasn't already given the puppy its first 8 in 1 puppy shot.... This action is just to be on the safe side... Then, you want to give the puppy it's second shots 2 to 4 weeks after their first shot... Most of the time 2 shots is enough but, a lot of people I know give the puppy 3 shots just to be on the safe side... You can pick up the 8 in 1 shot from your local feed store or co-op and they will tell you how to administer the shot...
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The puppies should be vaccinated against parvovirus starting from the six week of age after every 3-4 weeks up to at least 16 week but up to 20 week will be good.
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Beginning at the age of 8 to 10 weeks, give them one shot every three weeks until they've had three.
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Puppies go through a round of puppy shots every few weeks. If they aren't completed, then the puppy may not get the full protection against Parvo. Once they get all the puppy shots then they need one once a year.
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The puppy needs to be vaccinated as early as 8 weeks, once through their puppy shots, it is a annual vaccination called DA2PP, which is a combination of vaccination for parvo, distemper and infectious hepatitis. Some states or vets will vaccinate for bordetella, which is what we know as "canine cough, or kennel cough." These vaccinations are yearly, and of course rabies needs to be added to the mix.
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OK I'm registered now.
I got him on Sunday 3/29 took him to the vet Monday, just to get him checked out, and everything was fine. Then on Thur he wasn't eating well and didn't want to play so I took him to the Vet again on Fri. They told me it was parvo, but sent him home with me. Before we left he recieved IV fluids and two shots, one for nausea and an antibiotic.
I was told to give him plenty of fluids and they gave me some of the same meds to give him here at home. I was so upset that he had parvo, I don't remember if they told me how often to give him the fluids. I've been giving him 6cc of pedialyate every half hour. Is that too often or not enough? I also am giving him about 3cc chicken baby food is that ok?
I'd call the vet and ask but they are closed. I plan on taking him back Mon. Asap.
He is an 8 week old Shih Tzu.
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The only advise I cangive you here is get that dog to the vet imediatly!!!

I had a dog that got Parvo, and almost lost him. Within 24 hours my dog went from a perfectly healthy, swimming, running, fetching fool to throwing up, loose stools, and was near death within 24 hours.
Please do not mess with trying to fx it yourself. Time is everything here!! I cannot stress that enough!!
8 out of 10 dogs who contract this will not live if they do not get treatment right away!!
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At the age of 8 to 10 weeks, give them one shot every three weeks until they've had three. You should also ask your vet.
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Yesterday pup received parvo shot. It was 7 weeks old. It is sick and not sure if it was from the parvo shot. Is this possible? I heard it was very possible.
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Starting at 6 weeks old,they will give your puppy a distemper-parvo combination shot..up to about age 16 weeks.(every 3-4 weeks)
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I give mine their first shot at 6 weeks old then the second at 10 weeks old then the third and final shot at 14 weeks old.
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I have a five week old puppy ,my older dog has parvo is my five week old puppy two young for a puppy shot.

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