How Long Does Parvo Virus Last?


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I bought a 9 week old puppy on July 12th from a back yar breeder. He told me that the puppy has not have his first shots, so I took him to Banfield rightaway to get his shots. Two days latter he was throwing up, I thought it was because I changed his food. I called Banfield and they advised me to bring him back to them ASAP. Make the long story short, he was diagnosed by Parvovirus. Never heard of this before but they told me it's very deadly, so we rushed him to the 24 hr ER. He was admitted for 4 days and he was doing better. One thing helped him eating was I made him chicken with rice and he loved it. One thing could cause not eating, is because they are in that small Kenell and they get depressed.
So we brought him home on Sunday night...... That was the happiest day of my life in a long time. He was eating-drinking- pooping and very playful, but by Thursday he had fever again and no apetite so I took him back to the hopital and he was admitted again with fluids and antibiotics. He was released the next day about 24 hours. It's been a week since he has been home and seems healthy and he has full of energy. I believe he survived this virus. I have talked to zillions of Vets to get some feedback and second openion and they all said the same thing, they need to be dehydrated thru IV, they need anitbiotics and they need protein. If you catch it early, there is a big chance they survive. This is such hurtfull experiance and I hope your puppy is in good care and will make it. Please stay positive and give him lots of love and got mine.
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Sorry I can`t find a date for these posts, but I`ll reply anyway. My last litter of pups developed parvo at 6 weeks (7 pups) there wasn`t any room at vets as there was an outbreak of parvo (people not getting their dogs vac) most had it a little and pulled through but my 1 little boy was very lifeless, in this situation being on a drip at the vets is recommended but if like me this was not possible and they won`t drink, then I recommend an enema, about 4ml with a syringe a couple times a day, my little boy perked up so much after 24hours that I woke in the middle of the night and found he had climbed over the sofa, climbed the top of the stairs and was sitting with his dad lol. The vet should give you some meds to settle stomaches, rehydraytion fluids and antibiotics to fend off other infections, sadly my now litter also has parvo (3 weeks old) same treatment and so far (touch wood) doing ok
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Parvo which is usually fatal in pups, can last for years, in your home or kennel.  If you have had parvo you must sanitize everything thoroughly, using bleach and discard all bedding, toys, and anything else the affected animal may have been in contact with.  If the dog survived, you still must do the cleaning.  Parvo is highly contagious.  Don't get another pup. Don't allow any other dogs in the area where the pup was housed.  If you owned the mother, be sure to have her shots updated.  If you acquired the pup from somewhere else, be sure they know about the parvo.  This is a condition that affects pups.  The stages to identify parvo are:  Lethargy, and loss of appetite,  vomiting, diarrhea, coma and death.  The diarrhea has a horrible smell.  This is usually the stage people begin to notiice.
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I have brought 3 diffrent pups through this sickness it takes a lot of care and love along with fluids such as pepto bismol sugar water and pedilyte the pepto will coat their stomach and help their stool to harden some, parvo eats the inner linning of their stomach out, after I have brought them through it I dispose of everything I have used and I keep them in a secluded area by themselves while they are sick even changing into old clothes and shoes to prevent it from being carried back into my home and infecting any other animals
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It can take 3-5 days to provide relief from the clinical symptoms of Parvo in dogs. Treatment includes hospitalization, IV fluids, medicines to control diarrhea and vomiting. Parvo is a viral infection in dogs especially in puppies which is caused by a virus called parvovirus. This virus attacks on the lymphoid tissue, intestine and bone marrow of the affected dog. This virus is contagious and can cause diarrhea (sometimes bloody diarrhea), dehydration and vomiting.

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This is off subject but I warned a couple about that very virus and I told them not too take their puppies out into the grass or dirt until about 6 weeks old but they ignored me and took the dogs out at 2 weeks anyway and half the litter died but anyway HOSPITALIZE THAT PUP IMMEDIATELY
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Well usually after being sick and they make a full recovery could be days to weeks depends how quickly meds were given. My blue heeler caught parvo and was on deaths doorstep and my vet saved his life was also told that parvo can be in the yard.
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Parvo virus when attacks a dog can affect intestines, bone marrow and lymphoid tissues. There is no medicine available to kill parvo virus. Treatment that are available for parvo in dogs are used for symptomatic relief only. These medicines can treat diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration without killing virus. This virus is contagious and transmitted through

1. Direct contact with the feces of infected dogs
2. Contaminated yards
3. Contaminated grounds
4. Contaminated objects like Collar and leashes
5. Contaminated foods and bowls of water and food
6. Hands of caretakers of infected dogs
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You never know, it depends on how early you caught it. We lost one of our puppies to parvo that is the only reason our other one lived when she got it cause we knew the signs....the vets medicines will help but there is some websites you can go to and get a couple recipes for parvo like parvo tea that is actually what kept our puppy alive keep a close eye on her and make sure the area she is at is very clean also feed her pedialite
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I'm sorry to say but unless your dog is hospitalized, he/she will not make it. The disease itself does not kill but he/she will dehydrate severely. There is no cure for it, unless he/she is hospitalized, even then they only have a 40% chance of living
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My pup survived parvo without a vet, all you need is pedialyte, endsorb, chicken and rice diet, but the main things is to keep him or her hydrated 24 hour round the clock hydration feed them by hand because they will not eat and give them pedialyte as well every hour on the hour, but it is very important to notice the symptoms early on.

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