What Happens To A Puppy If It Has Parvo?


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Our puppy had parvo and survived it (fortunately)  Get them to a vet immediately it is deadly, attacks everything in their immune system and just drains the life out  of them.  Our pup vomited, quit wanting to eat or drink, they dehydrate quickly, loose weight and have horrible diarrhea, fever and it can hinder their brain normality.  They'll need vitamin injections, isolation from other animals, they'll hydrate them either by shooting fluid all under the surface of their coat under the skin so they blow up like a balloon and or give them and iv, they may possibly even need a blood transfusion from the house dog which is what happened in our case.  He was skin and bones but came back and is one of the healthiest dogs in the world, and we were fortunate it did not affect his brain. This was a Border Collie pup 4mos. / he is now approx 8 yrs. Old
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Parvo virus affects rapidly dividing cells, most importantly, the cells lining the gastrointestinal tract, the bone marrow, and the immune system.  The lining of the intestinal tract dies, the animal rapidly becomes dehydrated and toxins and bacteria are released into the blood stream.  Clinical signs are fever, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhoea and lack of appetite.  Diarrhoea is yellow to gray, progressing to blood tinged and dark red.  As many as 80% of puppies that are not treated will die.  If treatment is prompt and aggressive, survival rates are about 85%.
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It usually dies if you don't get him amediate vet attention

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