How Do I Treat Parvo For My Dog By Myself?


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I wrote a very detailed article on how to treat parvo at home. Contrary to the opinion of the other answerer, I feel that treating parvo at home can give you a better survival rate, in most cases. My vet agrees with me. Many vets have approved this article. Please take the time to read it.

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It is difficult to treat parvo attacks at home because best available facilities at home can not teat parvo in dogs. Hospitalization is best solution. Use of IV fluids is necessary to compensate water loss and electrolyte imbalance. Beside IV fluids, medicines to stop diarrhea and vomiting are also used. First 48 hours after the attack of parvo are very crucial, so, hospitalization can save life of your dog.
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Treating Parvo at home is not a lot different than treating any infection at home .. It CAN develop into a life threatening situation .. And I for one, wouldn't chance that with MY pets.  I've seen too many dogs die from it to take THAT chance.  It like any infection is far easier to treat in it's earlier stages than it's later .. And chances of surviving it would also be affected.

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The dosage of most medications is going to vary depending on weight of
the animal.  If a dog has Parvo it should be under a veterinarians care
who will prescribe the right amount and course of treatment.  It is
imperative that a dog suspected of Parvo be seen and treated by a
A majority of people are not equipped to perform all the necessary tasks to treat an illness such as parvo.

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