My Dogs Ear Has Liquid Puffed Up


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Hi okbabey!

Just saw your post! You poor thing! It's always harder on the owner than it is on the pet or the kid, so I ALWAYS extend my sympathies first to the owner or mom. I hope your pup is doing better now! I know you've probably checked (and seen the vet already), but are you sure he didn't get a bite?

My male dog had a hematoma (blood blister) on his ear flap that just wouldn't go away no matter how many times our vet drained it!

In the end we decided it would be best if we had his ear lanced (cut and stitched) so the ear could drain and heal together properly and at the same time! We had this done three times, and it was tough on us because we had to drain, clean and medicate his ear 3 or 4 times a day; he didn't seem to mind (except when we had to put that Elizabethan collar on him so he couldn't scratch it!)

All in all, I believe he wore the collar for 3 weeks, but his ear healed beautifully!

Good luck and please let us know how recovery goes! (Yours and the pup's!!)
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My cat had this condition, and a friend's dog had it too. It's like an abscess, filled with pus usually. Once it breaks open and drains, it should heal if it's from a wound.
In the case of the dog I knew, he would get them periodically but they didn't seem to harm him, although it didn't do much for his looks.
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So it will bust on it's own, we just found one on our dog's ear. He is an older dog. He eats Human Grade Food from the Pet Health Food Store, I am wondering why this would be allergic reaction? It doesn't seem to bother him at all, just me!
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My German Shepherd had the same problem. The vet said it was caused by food allergies. He scratched so much that it caused blood blisters in his ears. He only needed the surgery to cut and stitch his ears once and he was fine. I did switch his food to Lamb and Rice and he never scratched his ears again.
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Baytril Oticget is the best.

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Your dog has ear infection .. For that Baytril Oticget is good..You can get as injection, tablet and liquid.

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