My Dogs Ear Is Swollen, What Can I Do?


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Is it the ear flap that is swollen? That's called a Haematoma. There is nothing you can do. You need to take him to the Veterinarian and have surgery done on it. It is caused by your dog shaking his head, probably from a ear infection or ear mites. He has busted the blood vessels in his ear.
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I would keep it clean, and maybe put neoprene on it.  Some dogs get ear mites.  I don't know how to take care of that though, I am sure you would need an antibiotic of some kind.  I would call your vet in the morning, and check with them.  Also, make sure the dog is eating and drinking well.  If you notice him getting sick call the vet right away.  Good luck.
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This could be an aural haematoma (which is like a huge blood blister in the ear flap). It could be caused by your dog shaking its head a lot, which in turn indicates a possible infection in the ear canal or most likely ear mites. You'll need to take the dogs to the vets for a proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Hi Lynelle my dog had the same problem I took him o the vet and it turned out to be an ear hematoma which is caused by a breaking of a blood vessel by scratching cause can be an ear infection, anyway my dog had the surgery and is recovering fine until we noticed today that the other ear is swollen, its strange being he has no access to scratching his ears because he has had on the e-collar, he is going back to the vet Friday
 have your dog checked by a vet as soon as you can
 good luck
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This is infection in animals especially in dog so you should have to give him some anti-biotic medicine that can help your dog to get rid of ear infection and bath him with good soap.
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Both of my dog's ears are swollen. We have had bees around but I can't see any marks on her ears. Could the bees have stung her in both ears?
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My dog has swollen ears and bug bites all over her face could she be allergic to the bug bites?what should I do?I'm in a tight spot,and I was wondering if benadrill or an antibiotic mite help...any suggestions?

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