My Dog Is Throwing Up Clear Liquid And Not Eating. What Can I Do?


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I just went through this with my Corgi.  First, you'll need to check the dog's stool to see if the blood appears to be throughout the stool (mixed in) or if it just on the outside.  If it's mixed in with the stool you'll need to get him/her to the vet right away.  If it's just on the outside, the most likely causes are a bleeding hemorrhoid or a bleeding colon.  Both of these are fairly common in dogs, are not life threatening, and usually resolve themselves in a day or two.

With the vomiting of bile (the clear stuff) or foam, that can be caused by over eating, sensitivity to ingredients in the food, stress or nervousness (as the most common causes).

If there is a new stresser around the house (what our issue was as we had gotten a new puppy our corgi wasn't the most happy about) or if they ate something unusual for them (changed their dog food type/brand, new treat they haven't had before, ate 'people' food that is spicy or harder to digest) this should resolve itself by removing their food for 24 hours and letting them have little bits of water at a time.  When re-introducing food, start with foods such as scrambled eggs, boiled potatoes and rice that are easy on the stomach and digestive system and work back up to their normal food.

I hope all turns out well!
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My dog is doing that right now and I'm  going to take her to the vet. I took her about two years ago because she was doing the same thing and I found out that she had parvo. The vet told me to give her pedilite and gave me medicine to give her and she was doing great until now. When my dog had parvo she was throwing up white liquid, doing bloody diarrhea, not eating, had fever, and was not active like usual. You should take her to the vet if she has these symptoms.
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Well it would help if I new what kind of dog you have but, no matter if your dog is in that kind of shape I would take it on to the vet. You can check there gums to see if they are getting dehydrated (should be nice and pink if not it could be dehydrated). You can use a dropper and get pedialyte like for kids and give it to them with the dropper and that my help them to not get dehydrated
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It could be something he should of not ate, parvo or worms. If it is parvo you must keep the dog hydrated. Make the dog drink fluids like pedilite or chicken broth. You can give them liquids by getting a syringe and put liquid down his throat. Baby food liquidized is also good for the dog too
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Acute (sudden) frequent vomiting should be checked out by the vet quickly. You should give them a call so they can get more details from you and let you know if you should be heading in.
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I am not a vet so I'm not sure about the Parvo but my dog eats plaster off the walls and basically they are craving something or looking for a texture to comfort them - the yell liquid could be the stomach saying "Don't like that concrete" - kind of like heart burn or indigestion.

I would get him to a vet if it is continuing longer than a day or two. You never know if Concrete is toxic to dogs or not or if it is blocking the intestine. Best to call a vet.

Good luck! Hope he feels better soon!

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My first question to you would be ----- has you dog has all of its shots? If not you could be looking at parvo, this-temper or many other issues such as this. The key at this time is to KEEP your dog hydrated, pedialyte is good to give them, pepto-bismal can help for the vomiting. But if its parvo or anything like that pepto will not work.

Good luck

we had a dog with parvo, wow I'll tell yah it was a battle, the good lord wasn't ready for him yet and he made it but what a fight it was.
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All four of my bulldogs have thrown up water with a small amount of yellow in the last 30 minutes. Could it be flu or could it be the new treats?
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I'd say take your dog to the vet as well but only if you think you can really trust the vets there near you! Some vets you have to be careful with because they WILL let you puppy die and not actually treat the pup. My best friend had three pups all of them somehow came down w/ parvo they took one to the vet (which the vet was suppouse to help the pup get better) the vet called my friend the next day to tell her that her pup had passed away so they took care of the other two themselves and what do you know the pups got better and are very healthy to this day! My pup has been throwing up the pass couple of days and well I've been treating her myself. Now she's starting to eat more and slowly regaining her strength back. Soon as I get her back to her normal self I do play to take her to the vet to get her shots (the people whom we got her from lied to us about giving her all the shots she is suppouse to have) and to make sure she's doing alright.
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Yellow liquid is only bile, this is typical when dogs swallow something they shouldn't have. I would be more worried if it were brown. That said, concrete mix is going to set when it gets moist...get your vet to flush him out and as he is not drinking the vet will need to rehydrate him, probably on a drip, to get him back to health. It is not parvo with these symptoms you describe.
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We bought a 2 days ago. Will not eat and is throwing up. Lost 1 pd. I did bring hi back for them to treat. My question is should I take him back.

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