My Dog Is Vomiting Up Green Liquid And Has Not Been Eating For A Couple Of Days. He Has Not Been Running Around As Usually And Has Lost Weight. He Is A Little Disorientated. Can You Help?


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Vomiting, inappetace and weight loss can be caused by a number of serious things but I am particularly concerned about the disorientation.  Causes can include gastrointestinal blockages, systemic disease like liver or kidney disease or toxicity.  If he has not been eating for a number of days, plus vomiting he is most likely dehydrated and malnourished.  I expect he will need a drip to stabilise him.  The first thing your vet will do is a full physical examination and run some blood work to get an idea of what his condition is.  Further testing and treatment will depend on the results.

Your dog is extremely ill, I urge you to seek immediate veterinary attention.
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My puppies schnauzer is 7 wks old and Just yesterday night she started with diarrhea and today green vomit .what can I do to help her to start ea tin for now till the vet sees her tomorrow
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He might have eated some unwanted substances..Please check it soon with a may lead to food poison if it becomes severe...Prevention s better than cure...Care him properly while its alone.....

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