How Do I Lance My Dog`s Ear To Drain A Hematoma?


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My German Shepard has recently had a hematoma.  I sterilized an ex acto knife with a candle flame.  Use ex acto with the point new prefered and then wipe with rubbing alcohol after flamming.  Make a 1/ 8 incision running horizontal in the fattest part of hematoma.  The pet will flinch a little from small incision the smaller the better.  Milk the blood out slowly.  Apply antiseptic,  then bandage with clean bandage.   After a day or two clean the cut using hydrogen peroxide.  Hematomas generally come back.  Once it does use hot water and salt, sea salt prefered.  Continue to rinse clean wash rag and reapply until small incision start to open a little.  The hematoma will now run like diluted blood.  Milk till swelling is down.  Hematomas seem to be ongoing.  But, sometimes they cease and the gift of white blood cells will heal the problem.  Thats it.  Good Luck.  Note  animals ear may droop. Pinning may be necessary in order to keep ear up.  I pinned then hematoma came back because of dog shaking head.  After I expressed the hematoma second time I  left pinning off.  you dogs ear droops.  She is 9 years old.  Probably have her another 3 years.  So what if it droops at least I can treat her easier.
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If you want to try and take care of it that way you need to have your vet show you if they think you can do it properly and advise you on what to watch for or if they prefer to drain it themselves.  If it's due to an ear infection you will need meds for that as well. It will pretty much need to be done often and infection is also a concern and if you are picky you should know the ear itself is going to change and shrivel up.If you don't mind that, it's an option, if you do mind that speak to your vet about your other treatment options that are less likely to cause a permanent change in appearance.
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Very important: Have a clean area ready and someone your dog trusts to help you hold your dog. It is also a good idea to fashion a muzzle out of the gauze for your dog, they can bite out of fear. Plenty of paper towels and drop cloths, it can get messy if the needle pops out. Get everything set up before hand and work as quickly as possible to bandage and put the form in place after you have drained the ear. The ear will fill very quickly again if there is still bleeding.

2 sterile 20 gauge syringe needles (one for back up)

2 sterile 20 ml/cc syringes (one for back up)

Sterile gauze

Sterile surgical tape

Sterile surgical gloves

Anticeptic spray for animals

Betadine surgical solution solution

Paper towels and cloths

  I just had this problem with my Bull Dog, droopy ears. I purchaced a sterile syringe needle (20 gauge) and a sterile 20cc syringe from a farm supply retailer. I washed my dogs ear with betadine and let it dry. I put on my surgical gloves and I placed the sterile needle onto the syringe (careful not to touch anything) and I inserted the needle (bevel(hole) up) into the pineal (end part) of my dogs ear at the lowest part of the hematoma. I gently aspirated (pulled back syringe plunger) until there was no more blood in the pocket. I then cleaned the area with antiseptic spray, dried with sterile gauze and bandage with sterile gauze and surgigal tape. I made an oval pillow shaped form, the size of my dogs ear, out of the sterile gauze, I rolled this very firmly. I placed this  on the underside of my dogs ear while applying firm pressure and taped securely around the the entire ear. This helped to stem the bleeding and also alleviated the "cauliflour ear" that can sometimes happen after healing. I changed the bandage every few days (or more frequently if needed). I continued taping the oval form into my dogs ear even after it seemed healed (about a week) to provide stabilization for the next few weeks. So far so so good. Remember there is no better help for your animal than a Veterinarian but I understand trying to live on a budget. Good Luck!!       

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We tried this with our lab mix, but he yelped so bad when the needle touched his ear, that we stopped. Did you use anything to numb the area? I was thinking about getting some tooth numbing medication to see if that would work. This is a reoccurance. 3 weeks ago, we went to the vet and had him do it because the dog was not having us do it, but I don't really have the money for another vet visist.
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You shouldn't do this yourself , please take your dog to a vet.
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My vet wants to charge $314 to lance my cat's ear hematoma.   We cannot afford that cost.   What else can we do?

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