I Just Washed My Puppy And Now She Is Shaking. What Do I Do? Why Is She Shaking? How Do I Bathe A Dog? Help I'm Scared.


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Don't worry I have two dogs one is a 7 month old shitzu and the other is a toy poodle mix they both shake after a bath.  Especially the little 1 pound toy poodle she is soo small so she gets cold very easily.  Just make sure when you bathe your dog you don't get any water in his/her ears and use puppy shampoo its the gentle kind.  Once your done with the bath rap your dog in a towel and gently blow dry with warm not HOT air.  ALso don't leave the blowdryer on one part of their body for too long, good luck
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for puppies a bath is a new thing to them and puppies get scared real easy so it is ok he is cold and scared so cuddle him with a dry towel and wrap it in a blanket.I think he is to young for a blow dryer wait a couple more months for that.
Wrap your puppy in a blanket or try to blow dry their hair. it is just cold you did nothing wrong.
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Just chill, puppies do that when you wash them you did nothing wrong just dry him

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