I Have A Small Dog, She's Vomiting, Shivering, Shaking, And Not Eating; What Do These Symptoms Mean?


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There is a huge list of things that these symptoms could be describing. If you have a look at this site you will be able to see for yourself: Although this is a useful site, it is not intended to be a substitute for a vet, just to give you an idea of what possibly could be wrong.

Because there are so many things that could be wrong with your dog, you should take her to the vet so that she can be diagnosed properly and treated for whatever is the matter. Obviously, if you do not, the problem could become far worse, and in the meantime your dog could be suffering unnecessarily.

The other danger is that she is vomiting and that could lead to dehydration, which will happen quite quickly because she is small. This is really quite dangerous so again, another reason why you should get her to the vet sooner rather than later.  Naturally, you should encourage her to drink, but don't let her gulp the water, though you may find that she will simply vomit the water back again. In this case, she may need to have an intravenous drip to keep her hydrated.

Hopefully, this will not be necessary and your vet will be able to give your dog something to settle her down and she will be well again very quickly. It may simply be that she has eaten something that has disagreed with her and that will be an end to it; some dogs are more prone to eating rubbish and other disgusting things than others and so are more likely to get stomach upsets, but whatever it is the sooner she is treated the sooner she will be well again.
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I would be laying down rubber getting mine to the vet, if this continues. My dog was poisoned by spiteful neighbors once, and by doing this, I was able to save his life. Had I caught them in the act I would be writing from prison right now.
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I have a small 15 year dog,I had trouble in the past,that sounds like yours.Many trips to vet.Found out is was food.Burt now only eats chicken need to find a combination and stick to it...No junk.
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There are multiple answers to this question. It could be that he has eaten something and has a slight form of food poisoning, vomiting and tremors would be expected. It could be serious infection that is attacking his muscles. It could even be the Parvo virus. If in doubt, and you obviously are, take the dog to the Vets.
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He might have gotten into something but if not better by tomorrow hen get him to the vet and have a blood test done to make sure he hasn't had a stroke. That's what is sounds like to me. Good luck!
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My 7 week old toy poodle is shaking and has had diarreah this morning. He was vaccinated three days ago. What could this be? He's not himself and not eating or drinking.
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I have a small puggle about 6 months old who is vomitting for the last hour, shaking, and not interested in food when this dog usually cares about nothing but food...what is the problem and what can I do?
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Did he or her inhale or eat any poison and if he did feed him milk it will cause him to through up!
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She sounds like she may have been poisoned, Take her to the vet since she is not eating.

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