Can A Dog Take A Bath After Vaccination?


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There is no reason that a dog, irregardless of age, should not be able to take a bath after receiving vaccinations. The only time you don't want to give a dog a bath is when they get their flea and tick treatment, like fronline, or something similar. Then, it's not recommended to bathe them for three days after flea treatment.
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This should not be a problem.  Puppies may be lethargic and a little off colour for a day or so after vaccination, but there are no special precautions regarding bathing.
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Yep (provided no flea drops), just be sure to wipe out the ears with a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton bowl to dry up moisture and don't get any water in the face at all cause they can inhale it and get really sick.
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Sure, just not immediately. O.k.
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You can usally do it the same day. But you may want to consult your vet about this. I wont hurt the injection site to do it the sameday.

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