My Dog Has Something Stuck In His Throat And He Is Gagging But He Can Eat And Drink Normally What Do I Do?


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You should take your dog to the vet so that they can determine what the issue is if there's something stuck in your dog's throat. If you think that your dog has something small in their throat, although they can eat and drink, this may well be restricting their breathing and they may also develop some severe issues as a result.

Before you take your dog to the vet, see if you can see anything in the throat of your dog. If you can hook this out yourself, this may be best so that he/she does not have to spend any more time with something in its throat.

However, there may not be anything in the throat of your dog and it may be gagging as they have something in their stomach that does not agree with them. If this is the case, the vet will be able to tell you if they can not see anything in the throat and then they may give your dog some medication to get everything out of its stomach, such as a laxitive.

A dog having something in its throat can be concerning, especially if the animal is gagging and trying to force it out themselves. Gagging is a reflex action that mammals use to get something out of their throat or stomach.

Some of the things that your dog may have caught in its throat are as follows:

  • Fur
Fluff and fur may have become lodged in the throat of your dog. This can become ticklish and make the dog very uncomfortable.

  • Food
There could be food caught in the throat of your dog and this can be very painful if it is lodged in an awkward way.

  • A toy
Your dog could have a toy stuck in its throat and anything that is not fur or food will need to be removed as soon as possible.
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Do you have an animal emergency center? That would be my first course of action.
If you don't, call your vet immediately, that's a life or death situation.

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