My Dog Is In Perfect Shape But He Gets Out Of Breath So Easy After 5 Mins Of Walking He Is Out Of Breath It Sounds Like His Throat Is Swelling Up Why Is This And What Should I Do?


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What is age of your dog? Is he overweight? Heavy breathing in dogs can be due to many reasons. Following are some common reasons.

1. Heart diseases
2. Heart worm
3. Pain
4. Lungs diseases
5. Trauma
6. Pneumonia
7. Fluid in lungs
8. Bleeding in lungs
9. Obstruction of air passage

So, take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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What breed is your dog? Some dogs do not handle heat and exercise well and overheat and even die very easily due to their air passages. Is your dog a breed that has a flat face? Sometimes some minor repairs can help this. If it's that bad I'd see what your if vet thinks about your dog benefiting from some nose clips or a pallet repair. You should get it looked into. It does also help if they are not overweight. And make sure they know how to do surgery's on a brachiocephalic breed please, it's not the same as a lab. I'd get my dog checked put regardless because theirs so many possibilities.

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