How Do I Put Makeup On My Dog?


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Why on earth do you want to put make up on your dog?

You could hurt and even kill your dog by putting make up on her or him. Like humans dogs can suffer from allergies and you can't guarantee that your make up will not harm the dog.

By all means wear as much make up as you want but please respect the dog and leave make up to humans.

Dogs aren't toys and have no choice in what we do to them. They love and trust us to care for them.

I feel very strongly about the exploitation of animals and would include putting make up on a dog as exploitation for our own fun.

A dog was never meant to wear make up.

I'm sure that you would never hurt an animal and mean no harm but don't do this to your dog. I've seen animals in great distress through re-actions to creams an products that people wear on their skin and it isn't pleasant and as I said it can actually kill the animal.
Why not just buy a fancy collar and lead for your dog and put extra make up on yourself?
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Sorry I meant to rate this as "Wow" - as it's a great answer. How do I make it Wow?
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Ok, I got my laugh for the day, why on earth would you put make-up on a dog ?
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Yeah this is cruel
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I am in shock. is this a serious question?
That's awful and the kin of thing that makes me want to go out into the world and bring justice to everyone who harms animals.
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Please don't do this. That is so cruel. You could be hurting the dog. The only thing I ever heard of was nail-polish. BUT THAT COULD STILL BE BAD. --They could try to lick it off when its still wet {[or crack it off when its dry]}. Swollowing that stuff, for humans AND dogs is dangerous.

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