My Dog Is Acting Weird, Like She Is Scared Or Worried, What's Wrong?


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Firstly, I have to say that if you're on an iPhone you should check out this app called Woof which I discovered on here.
It's a really helpful community for asking questions about your dog. Download it here.

Anyway, regarding your question...If your dog is acting in an abnormal way there are a number of reasons this could be happening. Dogs are often referred to as man's best friend and a reaction of this sort could be a warning to you. 

Dogs have a sense of smell over one thousand times stronger than humans. If they are acting in a strange manner it could be because they do detect a another animal that is near. Some dogs have an astonishing sense of smell like bloodhounds, who can smell an object and track it for miles. A strange or unusual smell can set your dog off, especially if it is one of the dogs who are trained to track and smell.

Dogs also have another advantage over their human counterparts, their incredible sense of hearing. Dogs can hear sound levels that the human ear is completely deaf too, including high pitch sounds. If you are in an urban area it is quite possible a high pitch sound that is sometimes generated in urban area is making them uncomfortable. If you live in a country setting, they may be detecting a strange animal that is a threat to them. Dogs detect threats in nature by both their hearing and sense of smell, and no matter what type of dog you have this primal instinct still exists to this day.

If you are out in the wild and your dog has a strange reaction, pay very close attention to them and your surroundings. Dogs will become alarmed when an alpha predator such as a bear or large cat approaches so take heed if and when this happens, it very well could save your life or the life of a family member or friend. Pay attention to your dog if he is acting strangely as it could very well save your life.
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I have 2 dogs and you could say they got on well with each other.but I have a problem with one she was sitting on the sofa cuddling her with my sister and then suddenly after the program ended she became very anxious and scared and was hiding in the shower luckily she can open doors so we left her in there for a minuet then my sister went and got her we all went up to bed and she was hiding in the back doors curtain we left for 10mins and I came down and she was not sleeping on the sofa like sister took her on a walk and she was fine got in the house and went back to being strange I took her to sit on my bed expect she went under it I went and got food and water and she ate the food but did not want the water I went to sleep and she stayed until about 6 in the morning she got on top of my cover and stayed there then at later that morning my mum took her out and started to work and she sat next to her when I came down she went and hid. Later that morning I let her out and she came back in all happy then when back to being odd.she wont come out of her hiding places and when you get her out she breaths heavily and shacks.

Please give me the anwser to her problem.
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Have you spayed her? It could be the heat,  where she is ready to breed.  Don't worry at all.  All dogs in heat act different of what they usually are , because of the horomnal change.  All you could do is to provide what she need.  If she is worried or scared better leave her alone with water and food, just try to understand by her body language.  If you can't do anything at all or need help, call friend who has dog been through this or knows about it or you could just contact with your local vet,  he /she will be able to help you a lot with this.  And also consider that hormonal change could be something else like poor diet or disease.  Take this in consideration. Good luck

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Was she in heat recently? It could be a phantom pregnancy. I had a dog that used to do this about 2 months after her season. We figured out she was looking for her puppies, which would have been born by the time she started acting weird. This was confirmed by squeezing her teats and finding she had milk. The only thing to do was either let her have a litter, get her fixed or give her her own special teddy that she can mother for a few days. Mine carried hers everywhere for a week, each time she had a season.
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My 10 yr old lab/husky cross has started acting weird...not all the time but every couple days or so she pants heavily...seems to not know what she wants paces in and outside , seems anxious at times and other times just stares at a wall... She's eating and drinking well and no vomitting or accidents?? Doesn't seem to want to sleep or lay in her bed?  Any suggestions as to what I can do

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She need to be seen by a vet to rule out illness or other physical problems.  Does she react badly to storms, and if so is there severe weather in your area?  Were you very angry with her when you got home and saw the mess?  Could she be reacting to that?  If you call a vet, or even an emergency vet they can ask you questions over the phone and may be able to help you determine what's wrong without bringing her in.  See if you can give her a good love to reassure her and if that will calm her down.  Good luck. 
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In some cases, it's because of fear or maybe even security
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My dog is very happy and social, but 2 nights ago I went out for an hour and when I came home she was acting very odd.  She would sit in the corner and stare into space.  I went out for a couple hours this evening and when I came home she was backed up to the door howling. She has NEVER howled before.  She's acting like she's scared or paranoid.  Her pupils are totally dilated.  I took her to my vet and he thoroughly checked her and could find nothing wrong.  What could this be?

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If he just started this behavior then he may have experienced something bad. Abused animals are scare very easily. If not then he is just a scary dog.
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Did you have another pet that died that your dog was pals with or did new changes take place in your home?  Do you think someone is being mean to her when you aren't around?  Has she been injured?  I just read about something like you asked about.  It says that animals will hide if they are in pain.  Have her checked out by the vet, you never know.
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Have you got other dogs? Well I have 2 dogs one tries to be the dominate one and your dog could be scared
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Is this a female dog?  If so, it could be that she thinks (rightly or wrongly) that she is about to have puppies.  This behaviour is called "denning" and prompts her to find somewhere safe to give birth.
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You might think that this is odd, but did you recently move into a new place? Does the dog stare into corners or certain areas of the home? I am asking because animals are sensitive to good and evil, on a level that is more intense than people are. There could be something like a ghost around your home, or an energy that is making the dog nervous. If you want, call a spiritualist, and see what they say to you. And if you don't believe, then I apologize for bringing it up to you. Hope this helps though, good luck.
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It depends on the dog and or what you do to the dog most likely he hides if you hit him or kick him and if you do shame on you
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Maybe because  it has a fear of something or you should spend more time stoking it.
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These responses are ridiculous. My dog hides when she doesnt feel well, she loves to crawl under our bed and be left alone.

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