When Do/should Dog Receive Inoculations?


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Dogs can receive inoculations at any time in their lives, although they receive more as puppies. The most common diseases and viruses that are inoculated include lyme disease, leptospirosis and bacterial diseases often prevalent in kennels. Mother dogs can receive vaccines that immunize their puppies, while newborn dogs usually receive a series of shots, followed by yearly boosters. Vets recommend a minimum two multivalent vaccinations for puppies, administered three to four weeks apart for every puppy aged over three months old, as well as an additional inoculation against rabies. Most puppies should receive regular vaccinations and boosters until they reach 16 weeks of age, with a longer period recommended for Doberman and Rottweiler breeds. Another common dog infection is Canine Distemper, which can cause a range of symptoms, including vomiting and weight loss. Dogs are conventionally vaccinated early against this type of disease, as there is often no recovery once it is contracted. Although some dogs will experience negative reactions to their vaccinations, this is rarely long-term.
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My 2 great danes are 6 months old they probably had shots when they were weaned but thats all I know . How should I go about getting them updated. Would like to administer it myself if possible. Really leary about vets.
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Which inoculations will me rescue dog require ? How long will it be,before he will be accepted by kennels when I'm going on holiday? Thanks for any advice,Nicola.

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