Which Small Breed Of Dog Has The Least Health Issues?


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We always had the best/longest life span with a pug/bulldog mix. They looked like  a chihuahua on steroids(bowed front legs from the bull dog and a short muzzle from the pug and very muscular).for some reason they were always a orange-ish(is that a word) brown color.the one my grandma had lived to be 15or18 and the one we had lived to be 15 also. He never had any medical problems until he was 15 then he developed what's that word cataracts or glaucoma(either way he had trouble seeing) just before he past away.so my vote is for a mutt from a animal shelter.
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Well Nassy, I had a toy poodle that lived a long healthy life.( About 15 yrs.) An' a benefit  was no shedding. He had some things to watch out for, but nothing serious. Of course, you have the cost of grooming with a poodle, tho.

Chihuahuas, I hear are pretty healthy & hang around for a long time too...IF you can stand the yapping.
Then there's Beagles.
They're mostly bred for hunting, so they should be hardy

My Sis has 2 Bichon Frise's, n' she says they're hardy. But I know the male is a pita !! ( no surprise, huh ? ) LOL
He barks a lot & jumps on her constantly...Very hyper !! Her female is calmer.
I guess you hafta watch who the breeder is...and look at their individual temperament too.  

Best of all....is a Mutt of some kind...If you can find one in a small breed. That's what I'd try for, if I was planning to get another doggie.

The breeds I suggested above are all good on shedding. Almost none from any of 'em...n' that's a bonus.

My last doggie was an adopted mixed, golden retriever Mutt, but he wasn't small.
Some breeds like Collies are prone to hip problems, but some are fine, so it's tuff to know it all.

Then again....Sometimes it's best to just go with your heart when you look into their eyes. Who can resist ?
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Hi Nassy!  I hope you are feeling better.

To each breed, their own issues; however, we've had no problems with our Boston terrier other than his love of running and bullying!  We bought my mom an Australian terrier (similar in looks to a Silky terrier or a Yorkie but smaller)  some 27 years ago, and her problem was jumping.  The little stinker jumped so much we had to have both her knees replaced ... And that still didn't stop her!   I hope this helps!!!  Have a REALLY WONDERFUL rest of the day!!  :-)
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My guess is a Chihuahua....*p
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I don't know.
My mother did and my daddy did and my sister does and my brother knows and my 3rd cousin knows too, but it's still a mystery to me.
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Affenpinscher, a rare breed. They were originally created to be ratters in homes,Now they are mischievous companion dogs; small feisty and full of energy. They're intelligent, have bold energy and charm. They learn quickly and adjust. Their creative processes  never cease to amaze and astound. They're sturdy, alert, and good travelers. Excellent watch dog! A common problem in small dogs is patellar luxation; which I thinks means dislocation of the Patella. Deformity of hip joint may occur.  If treated, prognosis is good. Also can have hip dysplasia. Find a good breeder to show health clearance from OFA, and CERF if interested.
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Yep. LP means their knee caps slip the joint pretty much. If low grade can improve as they build up muscle and tendon to hold it in there better and won't be felt anymore or less than before on checking for it. If they don't weigh much it's less of a concern due to their body weight if not severe. Occurs over time in many breeds due to activity. Does not always need surgery and sometimes it's better not to have the surgery as it will cause more arthritis than watching weight and activity. :-)
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Is it a toy poodle that has the least health issues ?

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