What do I do with my kitten, he is drooling excessively, his tongue is hanging out, and he cries out in pain when I open his jaw, he can't eat or drink, what can be wrong with him?


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Jodie Jefferson answered
That sounds bad. What you do this: take him to a vet immediately. If it's after hours, call an animal emergency hospital and ask what to do.  Wrap him in a blanket and try to keep him warm until a doctor can see him.  Good luck to the little guy - and you, too.
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Christine NZ answered
PLEASE, if you havent already, take the kitten to a vet NOW. He's obviously in pain - he may have a blockage in his throat, or injured/broken/dislocated his jaw - or a number of other things. Whatever it is the little fella needs and deserves to have medical attention immediately.

Please let us know how you get at the vets.

All the best..

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