My Dog Is Gagging And Licking His Lips He Has Been Throwing Up He Acts Like He Is Choking?


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You did not mention the your dogs breed, but lip licking could
be several things, submission, displacement behavior. Displacement behavior is
a normal behavior that is performed at an abnormal time or at an abnormal
frequency, and out of context for the situation.

Your Dog May be Nauseous

In some cases, dogs exhibiting these
symptoms are simply nauseous. They may drool, lick their lips to get rid of
excessive saliva and eat grass, a natural way to make themselves vomit. It
could have been that your dog ate something that does not agree with its
stomach, or worse, it could be he ate something potentially toxic.

Your dog may Have a Case of Bloat

If the dog is trying to vomit, drools,
paces and stretches, but nothing comes out, the dog should be seen immediately
as this can be a symptom of bloat. Bloat often causes an enlarged stomach and
can be seen mostly in dogs with deep chests.
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Your dog is probably having a problem breathing and you should take him to the vet ASAP.  I had a dog who was doing that and was very old and then he sadly passed away.
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My ex wife is a vet and I asked her about this.  She had me do a finger sweep with wet paper towel and give her some benadrill.

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