My Dog Has A Swollen Bump On His Nose. It's Large, And He Is Not Eating. What Can I Do?


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Is the bump warm? If this is the case, it may be an abscess, which could explain his decrease in appetite, due to the infection present.

Abscesses can develop quickly - one minute the area is fine and the next it is swollen and warm.

A course of antibiotics will make him feel as good as new, but depending on the severity, the vet may have to also drain the risen area.

My dog has a bump on his nose, what could it be?
  • Abscess: As stated earlier, an abscess will need to be looked at by a vet.
  • Trauma: Your dog could have suffered an injury to his nose. If it doesn't seem serious, then the bump will reduce in a few days.
  • Allergy: The bump could be an allergic reaction to something. Allergies can be quite common in dogs and they sometimes appear very quickly.
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It is not warm. I gave him 2 asprin before he went to bed, it is a little bit smaller today.. The bump is right between his eyes. He is a large malamute mix. He is 15 yrs old. I may take him to the vet.. I don't know what else to do..he ate food this morning. So that's good.
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That's good; that, his increase in appetite, and the fact that it has already gone down has indicated that it is not an infection of any sort. Taking him to the vet may be a good idea still just to be sure that everything is okay.

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