How Do I Stop My Dog Barking All The Time?


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A dog barking all the time can be a great nuisance for you and your neighbors. Fortunately, there are a few methods you could adopt to stop your dog making so much noise. These include the following:

- Electronic or sound-emitting collars: When a dog barks these collars will emit a high frequency noise that only the dog can hear. They may also emit a short and safe electric shock that is basically designed to give your dog a bit of a jump. These tactics will teach a dog that barking loudly will be met with these unwelcome consequences.
- Muzzles: These will cover up the dog's mouth holding the jaw in place so he is unable to open his mouth to bark. He will still be able to make some noises though such as growling.
- Medication: This should only be used in very extreme cases and should only be issued after going to see a vet. These medications will make the dog drowsy and less willing to bark.
- Training: Take your dog to a training course where owners are taught how to stop their pet barking. It usually involves giving the dog a small and corrective smack on the nose that in time teaches him not to bark so loudly. For this method to work, the trainer must be able to commit enough time to the training the keep it as consistent as possible. If you miss training one week or only give the corrective smack occasionally, it is less likely the dog will realize what he is doing wrong and will continue to bark.
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If your dog is barking all the time, then this can become a serious problem for your neighbours, so you need to work hard to try to stop it. If the dog barks whilst you are with it, tell it 'No' very firmly and make sure that you always tell the dog to stop barking so that you are sending it a clear signal to stop. If you tell the dog No and it still barks then repeat the word and at the same time, give a little pull on the dog's collar. When the dog stops barking then praise it quietly and gently.

If the dog is barking when you go out and particularly if you are out at work, then this may become a noise issue with neighbours. Pretend to leave the house and if it starts barking go back in and tell it 'No' and again praise it when it stops barking. Leave the house for very short periods and keep going back in and telling it No and then praising it when it stops.

If this fails because the dog has just become too used to barking all the time, it is possible to have a collar fitted which gives it a very, very slight electric shock (more like a tingle, but enough to be slightly unpleasant). It comes to learn that barking is not a good idea and so stops doing it.
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I had the same problem...Used the Innotek BC-50B shock collar. They go by the weight of the dog. He learned after 3 barks. Innotek is the company that makes the invisible fence for dogs. They also have one that emits an odor when they bark if you are against the shocking one.
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Dogs bark for several reasons and it would be better to first note why the dog is barking and then take any required measures. Barking is one of the means of communication for a dog and more often than not a barking dog wants to attract attention to some problem whether related to its physical wellbeing or to the external surroundings whatever it might be.

Dogs are also liable to bark if they are ignored for long periods of time as like humans dogs also need attention. Another reason might be that the dog would want to go outside to answer nature's call. It has been seen that a chained up dog or one left to itself in a room will bark more rather than one which is allowed to gambol about.

A dog taken for walks at least two to three times a day will bark significantly less as compared to one which has less exercise. Also a proper feeding routine should be followed rather than randomly filling the dog bowl as it helps the dog to adjust to its own daily activities. Obedience training though it helps in some cases should not be overdone.
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There are special devices you can buy that help with training dogs not to bark.  I know there was one called dog away and it worked on all types of animals.  Everytime the dog barks, you click on and it sends out a high pitch sound, barely audible to humans.  I trained my gerbil this way.  When first had it, it would try to bite me when I picked it up, on quick click and it looked all confused. After a bit, only a day or two, it stopped biting
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Re:  How I Got My Neighbor's Dog To Stop Barking!
I recently had a really bad situation involving my neighbor's dogs and their barking.  I work at night and sleep during the day when people usually don't pay attention to their barking dogs.
I used the product from and it really works!  Thanks for the advice "iknowiknow" and thank you for helping me to get some sleep.
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I read where one of the readers tells you about a collar that gives a little shock when the dog barks.  There is another type of collar that I got for my dog that emits a high pitched piercing sound when she barks.  It's only about $20.00 and you can find it in any of those little catalogs like Harriet's that get sent to your house.

She was so well trained after having it on 3 times that now all I have to say to her is "I'm going to get the Barky-Barky" and she stops barking immediately.  Good luck!

NASSY NASCARNUT answered ◄ PERHAPS THIS SITE COULD ASSIST YOU MY FRIEND.  GIVE IT A TRY...♥NASSY   Put up a wooden fence.  Perhaps what he cannot see he won't feel he must protect you from.  ♥Nassy
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When you are outside you can try 2 things,
1: When he starts to bark put your self in front of him and say ahah in a low and stern voice if he stops give him a small piece of grilled chicken or a small treat and praise him. If he does not stop  put yourself in front of him againg and do the same thing. If this doesn't work then try this:
2: When he begins to bark clip a leash to his collar and say "quiet " in a low and stern voice. If he stops let him off the leash and say "good boy", if he does it again clip the leash on him again and say" quiet" in a low stern voice. If , while on the leash , if he doesn't stop then repeat the command quiet after 3 barks. If he still doesn't stop then, take him inside and close the door and say quiet in a low stern voice. When he finally gets quiet then let him out still on the leash, if he doesn't bark say good boy and praise him.
Whichever of these two suggestions help keep reinforcing the training each every  time he begins  barking:)
hope this works.
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I agree w/ you, I think there are more humane ways to training, than to hurt an animal.  Training doesn't have to hurt an animal in order for it to work.   Google the subject, I'm sure you'll find all kinds of sites that deal w/ it, humane ways.  And I've heard Chihuahua's bark a lot anyway, so you might have it twice as bad w/ the barking, not sure... But good luck & thanks again for having a heart!
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My dog is also barking everytime. He doesnt stop, I took him to the vet, I took him to 9 dog training lessons at different places...everyone says it is hopeless. I even read almost every book and went to almost every website. Nothing is working and I don't know what to do.
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I have been watching animal planet and got a lot of good ideas for training from dog whisper and it's me or the dog.Tried some of them with a lot of luck, you need to reward good behavior not bad so when he or she is barking make a deep sound like a growl and when the dog stops barking reward him with saying good dog in a sweet low soft voice ,it will take repeated trys,but you should notice a difference, remember you are the pack leader.good luck
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My dog starts barking every night around 22:00 to mid 2.00 then again it starts by early morning 4.00 . I have GSD  - 5months old Bitch , took to Vet and she is healthy ,
we thought it would be hungry or feeling alone . So we did almost evrythng but in vein
.... Decided to send our pup to blue cross....

We did everything . Really dono wt she needs,  and one vet asked us to get another dog for its company , so I just brought my friends GSD who is also a around 6 months,
it was quiet for 1 day , and the next day again it started ,
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You most likely need to go to Pet Smart or somewhere they have animal trainers so you can get some lessons for your dog. They will teach him with a certain method that is easy for you to use yourself at home. It will help!
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What you can do is teach him how he gets a treat or something if he doesn't like I have pugs and they love attention and food so much that you just pet him and give him a treat and then maybe he will learn
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You have to be in charge go over to him and tell him no and take him away from the fence they understand no all my boxers did. Good luck they are great dogs I have had two already.
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There is a dog collar you can buy every time the dog barks the collar will give him a small shock it dosen't' hurt the dog I am sure this will work the collar is not real expensive. Good luck
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Well, here's one effective way of controlling your dog's non stop barking, the Craig's Paw Old Fashioned Bark Stopper. It is so easy to use and safe for your dog as well. Here's how you do it, once your dog starts to bark continuously, just get the Craig's Paw Old Fashioned Bark Stopper, shake it, and regain control of your dog’s barking. It’s just that easy, dog barks, you shake hand, and dog stops. Click this link to see this product
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Hi... Been there, done that. A few things that will help... One is a quick fix, the other takes time and retraining. Here is the quick fix... It is expensive, but the Pet Safe Deluxe Spray Bark Control is very helpful. It does not use a nasty electric shock, rather it sprays a lemon scent toward the nose which is unpleasant and teaches the "cause and effect". This helped considerably right away for my dog. The longer term is a mix of increasing the exercise (my dog was BORED!), and then retraining... I know, it is hard to come see what they're barking at many times, because... We're humans and HAVE A LIFE! But whenever you are able, come to their side and make it clear you are looking to see what she is "alerting you to". Then once you identify that, and there is no danger (AKA a squirrel, a bird, non threatening human activity), start using the same command like "its OK" or "Enough", while holding your hand on the dog to ensure she is not too distracted to pay attention to your words, then if she keeps barking at it, use whichever works for your dog, be it a SHHHT noise, wrapping your hand around the muzzle, or pulling on the scruff a bit, to convey your displeasure with the continued noise. As Wilbert says, yelling won't help, in fact I suspect they may think you're joining the ruckus, and take it as encouragement. I've been working down this activity for a month or so with my dog, and it is beginning to really work. Please don't think it will be solved overnight because you cannot, unless you buy a muzzle or something! But to go back to an earlier point, too... A daily walk helped my situation a lot too... Mine has a lot of energy and was expending it via voicebox!! Good luck
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They sell shock collars just like the ones that you use for invisible fence but shocks by sound. I had a neighbor who had 16 german sheppards and used shock collars. Those dogs didn't bark but a second after being fitted with can't let your dog bark for more than a minute without going to see what the problem is and then you need to shut it up or bring it in. If you leave your dog out when you go to work and you know it barks all day long, you'll piss off the neighbors quick. If you can't get it to stop by training, the shock collar will work and the dog will figure out quick whats going on and stop.
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Believe it or not, a dog barking is often a learned behaviour, whether from other dogs, or a way she is saying she is unhappy.  There are devices that you can purchase that will prevent a dog from barking but some may be harmful to the animal.  Believe it or not, a whisper has far greater effect.  You bring the dog in my the color, and in a soothing voice tell her to stop that!  If you shout and reprimand your dog, it will often times do the opposite effect.  Like I say, there are tools on the market.  Perhaps get a dog whistle, you don't hear it, but a dog does, and everytime they bark, blow into it.  This is letting the dog know, to stop.  They have much more sensitive hearing than we do, so you don't have to use a loud noise to express your disapproval
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I had a very similar problem with my dog and people who have followed my instructions carefully have had a 100% success rate and is....believe it or of charge.
What I did when the barking became unbearable was take the dog firmly by the collar into the doing this the dog stopped barking slightly, but as I already knew this wasnt the cure, so what I did next  was drive the dog to our local dog pound and leave him a family we now have peace and quiet and no problems from the neighbours.I now have beer bought for me on regular occasions when people ask, did I stop my dog from barking!
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That's hilarious. I can't stop laughing. I thought you really going to help me with my dog. NOT get rid of him! Hahahaha
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Spank it and tell it to shut up then beat it lol just kidd'n I don't have a dog but I would tell it to shut up or it's going to go into it's cage

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