My Dog Has A Small Pink Wart Like Growth On Her Side?


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A relative of ours has a small dog with pink growths all over her body.
I was asked to examine her. I work in the alternative health field and know
that these growths are caused by Vaccines.
It is a side effect to the toxic immuno-inhibiting chemicals contained in vaccines.
These are the facts, whether accepted or not.
It doesn't help that people give their dogs degenerated dry or canned store bought food,
this only worsens the whole problem and leads to other ill-health conditions.
To treat the problem one must first use some common sense and stop vaccinating
the animal.  
The growths can be treated with the use of Iodine tincture. It is to be applied
twice a day if possible. (avoiding eyes obviously) The growths will disappear within 2 weeks or so.
Other symptoms of vaccine related side effects include dogs that lick their paws incessantly, licking the air, the walls, and behaving strange, in other words in ways they don't usually
Since animals cannot express themselves, and idiotic pet owners keep harming them with vaccines, dirty tap water, and cheap store bought food, the animals have no choice but to suffer in silence... Obviously until they die.
The general rule should be: If you have no compassion for animals and do not know about animal health, or how to properly look after animals... DON'T GET ANY PETS. OVERCOME YOUR SELFISH WANTS.
Anyone who tells you animals need vaccines is an idiot. The animal immune system is far more productive and responsive in comparison to ours. What they need is healthy food,
some fruits and vegetables, clean water, fresh air, and some supplements... Vitamin D3 and probiotics will go far in protecting the health of the animal. Some organic apple cider vinegar in their drinking water will also help. The bijon shitzu I am looking after is 14 years old, she developed joint pains and arthritic conditions living with her owners. I gave her 4000 IU
of Vitamin D3 every day. 2 tablets each wrapped in some cheese 2-3 hours before her dinner or 2-3 hours after her breakfast. The dog now acts as she did when she was a puppy. No more pain, no more limping... No more weak bladder, and her eye sight has improved. Again, it's a matter of thinking a little deeper and using some common sense. Animals are not difficult to look after.
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Thank you for that last response, had no one else on here been able to help, I'm so glad that you took the time to write this comment, as no one would ever think of doing that themselves...
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Since many types of canine warts are commonly caused by viruses.... Promoting healthy diet and immune boosting supplements sounds reasonable for pet health and well-being .. However, since there are numerous fatal illnesses for which the best food and supplements will not prevent....(i.e. Rabies) seems prudent to do your own research and perhaps talk to qualified pet health care professionals before you decide whether or not to vaccinate your pet....
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It might just be  something minor but I would take him/her to the vet just in case
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My dog had the same thing but it was on her head and it is common in a lot of dogs but we had to have her's removed and it will not kill her but it can get bigger

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