What's The Best Way To Stop My Puppy From Going Potty In The House?


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Your puppy is "scheduled" in the first few weeks due to lack of control. Puppies have an hour of control at 12 weeks of age(varies on the toy breeds), and gain an hour of control each month thereafter.
Control their water intake by offering drinks every 2 hours and stop at 6pm. Please do not leave water down all day (unless you are at work and have no choice as they need their water).

Puppies when first brought home, should go out every few hours. At night , the metabalism slows and it won't be long before puppy will sleep through the night and not have to go out.

To get puppy communicating with you, through the day, hang a parrot bell on your door low enough for puppy to hit it. Ring bell, give your command (out, potty, pee etc, and be sure to have a treat or some of puppy's kibble as a reward after he has done his business, as food is the highest motivator.

Before you know it, puppy will be ringing the bell and going out to take care of business. Weed out the treats by refocusing puppy's attention in a game of fetch.
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Maybe you should try kennel training with your puppy. A dog will feel more secure and so will you when leaving, or going to sleep at night. During the day leave the door open . Put him in the kennel (travel size) in an area of say the living room. There is a saying that dogs won't soil in their on bed. When taking him out, immediately go outside and be watchful and patient. Praise is a big factor, make a big deal ... Good boy/girl, your dog only wants to please you. If your puppy is fed at a certain time everyday you will start to know approx. Times to go for walks. If he drinks water keep in mind their bladders are not that big or matured so the inevitable will be happening soon. It really isn't you training your puppy.... It is your puppy training you for his schedule. Good Luck and remember patience and persistence is the key to a happy dog owner.
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There are puppy training pads that are scented in order to help puppies draw to them to go potty on them. Try those. Or, another way would be to frequently monitor your puppy and try to catch the puppy in the act to correct it right before they do it or right when they are starting to. If you try the second suggestion, then make sure you catch them and give them the same correction with the same firm, strict, "NO" every time.
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Start taking them out at a particular time,so they get used to that time as their toilet time.

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