My Dog Scratches All The Time I Think He Has Dry Skin. What Can I Do?


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Take your dog in to see your veterinarian.  There are many causes of itching in dogs.  Common problems include ringworm, mites, allergies, and behavioral anxiety.  Also once dogs start itching they open the skin up for secondary infections--both bacteria and yeast.  Your veterinarian will run tests and then start appropriate medication.
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First consider taking your dog to a Vet to determine the cause of the scratching.  It could be as simple as changing the type of dog shampoo you use.  The shampoo you are currently using may be too harsh for your dog, especially if your dog has sensitive skin.

Consider using a handcrafted dog shampoo made with mild and gentle, natural, ingredients. This pet shampoo is so gentle, it can be used on pregnant or seizure prone dogs.  It thoroughly cleanses, conditions and even kills fleas, immediately, upon taking a bath.  It is mild, gentle, unscented and natural which is great for pets with sensitive skin, dry skin, flaky skin, etc....


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