My Dog Does Not Bark At All, Not Even At The Street Dogs. What Do I Do And Are There Any Simple Tricks To Train Him?


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Having a quiet dog is a blessing. A dog that barks at everything is a pain, how do you know when its important?? Go to and read the training articles.
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You train a dog to bark.
To train your dog, you don't need treats. What I do...
Go crazy. Jump around, spin around...just go crazy in front of your dog. He/she might bark of excitement. Praise him/her by petting her/him and saying, "Good job! Bark!"
Hopefully you can teach your dog this. Good luck!
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I have a rescue dog. She is a great dog and hardly ever barks. I think the only thing I have ever heard her bark at was a squirrel  that startled her. She doesn't bark at the cats or stray dogs in the yard. She will not even bark if you ring the door bell or if a stranger walks into my house. Granted I was hoping with her being a boxer pit mix she would be a guard dog she loves our family and we love her. She may be the quietest dog I know but she is an amazing dog and her not barking is just a part of who she is.
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We have a 4 month old puppy that house trained quickly. However he does not bark. He always goes to the door to be let out, but doesn't bark. If you don't notice him, he sits until he has to go, then has had an accident. The only time I have heard him bark is when some one came in the gate in the backyard and startled him. All the "bark on command" tricks, require being able to get the dog to bark first.
Any ideas?
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I currently have a cocker spaniel and in the 13+ years of her life so far I think I have heard her bark MAYBE twice.  I don't mind, I count my blessings.  The neighbors didnt believe I had a dog until they saw her.  Their dogs bark at EVERYTHING.
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Have you noticed how many questions there are here about STOPPING a dog from barking too much?

Different dog breeds have different excitability thresholds. This means that a low threshold breed will tend to bark at almost anything, whereas a high threshold breed will tend to bark at only great provocation. This has been proved by testing basenjis (high threshold) against spaniels (low threshold). The behaviour is something the dog is born with, although the threshold can be modified somewhat by the threshold of another dog in the household.

I would just be glad you have a quiet dog ,at least you won't be getting complaints from the neighbours.
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I have a shitzu over 1 yr.old female and is spayed. She does
not bark at all and plays with our other 3 dogs who bark.
I was afraid that maybe her vocal cords were injured during
surgery but since we have her and take her to the vet for all
checkups this was never found or stated and I never mentioned
that she does not bark. As a pup when we first got her she
we were given antibiotics to give in case of her coming down
with a kennel ailment and she kept coughing so we gave it to
her and the vet took care of her and said obviously there was
a problem when we showed the papers and the preventive care.
She was cured and does not bark , this is not a problem but
I am never being told there is any damage from the cough or
any surgery she had which would only be the spaying. As I said
the other 3 all bark when they are playing together and she appears
to be in excellent health.
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You should bark a lot to teach him.. He will learn eventually...
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Even If your dog barks, this really wont make him a protection dog, except to alert you. But if the dog barks at everything you probably wont take him seriously anyway. There was a TV special locally where a prominent dog trainer who does train protection dogs as well as many other things picked 6 dogs who people wrote in and said there was no way he could get into the house. He was in every house playing with them in less than 2 minutes. One lady bought a pit bull to feelsafe and when he broke in he acted as if he was attacking her and the pit bull was jumping up and down trying to get in on the game!
There is also a breed - a basenji - and they can not bark at all. I do not think if this holds true if bred with another dog. I will ask my friend who breeds basenji's.
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Well if I were you I wouldn't want him to bark unless you wanted him as a guard dog. Check at your local pet store - they usually have trainers and you can ask them. My dog barks like crazy and I wish I could make him stop!
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Neither does mine even though its probably good that my dog doesnt bark I just want him to

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