I Just Got A Puppy Now I Got To Learn How To Train Her To Go Outside To Go To The Potty And How To Get Her To Stop Barking All The Time?


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You must be on a schedule with them. In AM, middle of the day and Pm take them to a certain spot each time, and do not give in, until they have used, than REWARD them!! Let them know what they have done is RIGHT. They will have a few accidents but this is normal, especially for puppies. If/when you leave put them in a crate, no food it will teach them to hold it until you get home and take them out. With barking... That's harder to answer because its a natural instinct for them to do like for a baby to cry. That's their only way of telling you, hey I'm hungry, I want some attention or something is wrong. IF its an excessive bark than you may need to get a Clicker ( anything that makes a noise) and once they start you make your noise and sternly say NO. Hope I was some help!? Good luck.. And please make sure they have their shots, so they do not catch Parvo. Its so easily caught.
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What helped for us on the potty training was pick one spot outside that you want the puppy to potty, when ever there an accident pick up the mess and put it in that spot, place the puppy there too, this may take a couple of times but if you put the mess and the puppy there each time the puppy will learn to only go there, as far as the barking goes we took a baby rattle and would shake it and tell her no every time she barked...this distracted her, and stopped the barking ...this too will have to be done every time, and a lot to break the puppy from barking.....it worked for us...hope this helps
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Well actually there is an easy way and a hard way to do it. The easy way is just following what Love4pets said. And the hard way is just slapping them softly. It is hard because when I did it to my puppy he gave me the puppy face and I felt bad. And I did not do the schedule because I was just too lazy. Lol Well I hope you raise him good.
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To Make The Dog Stop Barking You Should Scold The Dog. If The dog Starts To Bark. Say No. Or Bad Dog. If The Dog Will Not Stop. Then Put The Dog In His/Her Cage. Don't Keep The Dog In There To Long Because The Dog  will Get Upset And Whine.

Hope This Will Help.

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