What Can I Buy To Make My Dog Stop Barking?


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Meta Forrest answered
You can buy a muzzle which will stop it barking. After a few times of wearing, whenever the dog sees you with the muzzle in your hand it is most likely to stop.
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The most common cause of excessive and nuisance barking is loneliness, frustration and boredom. You may benefit from a good group obedience class, inexpensive, helps you understand your pup better and will help stimulate them mentally and physically both in general and as you work on projects at home and helps you with making sure you have the correct relationship (which also helps with excessive barking).
There are some products you can look into but doesn't usually fix the actual problem and your pup is often lacking in some needs when they act out like that so you would want to work on that. Working on making sure your pups needs are being fulfilled will often stop the excessive barking. You might look into your breed parent club(s) as well to understand your breed(s) and what they need and were bred for a little better, it often factors into just what and how much they need and many of their inherant traits and characteristics and needs. Once you understand your dog a little better you can often just make minor changes that help with their frustration and acting out.

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