Why Does My Dog Bark Every Time We Have Company Over?


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Mimi Chai answered
Dogs bark at strangers because they think they're stepping into his territory.
Or because they have not been exposed as a puppy to strangers. They should be socialized early and often and given treats and/or praise for when they accept a new person with wagging tail and licks!
And they are telling you that someone is in the house that they do not know and letting you know you should do something about it!!!
I want my dog to notify me when a stranger comes to the house!!!
And because dogs have a very developed sense of smell. Smell of stranger incite their senses to express their anxiety regarding a feel of security so they bark.
But the good news is that it can be taught.
Will Martin Profile
Will Martin answered
He's barking to warn you about a possible intruder - trying to protect his home, so you can't stop it completely and probably don't want to (in case you ever have an unwelcome night visitor, for instance, the warning could be very useful.) With training and patience, though, you can get him to do it only briefly and then calm down. There are some helpful hints here.

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