Why Does My Dog Insist On Constantly Barking?


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A dog will bark for a variety of reasons. It could be that they want something. Puppies learn from an early age to bark whenever they want something. Whether they want attention, toys, food or to be let out, they will bark to tell you what they want. This is obviously not acceptable behaviour and it is basically your dog demanding things from you. They expect to bark and get just what they want. So, you have to stop this behaviour by ignoring them. It may be hard to do but if you want to stop it you will have to!
Other reasons your dog could be barking is through fear, aggression, boredom or simple territorial behaviour. Many owners find that their dogs bark at passers by. If this is the case simply draw the curtains or teach them the 'quiet' command. They will soon get the idea. Overall in order to treat your dogs barking problem, you first need to observe them and see why they are barking.

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