What Is The Temperament Of A Boxer And Labrador Mixed Breed Of Dog?


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That is going to be one energetic dog. If you are asking will it be friendly to others or not, that depends on the dog and how well ultimately you socialize it. At a young age through to adulthood, you need to take your pup to the park and let it meet other people and dogs... if not it will be very territorial. You need to work on its behaviour immediately for how it is to behave when other people enter your home.

Let him sniff them, receive some attention, then have it lay down and behave. Otherwise it will become one of those glory hounds that has to be the centre of attention when anyone else is in the room.
One benefit of the mix of breeds you're talking about is that it should be one smart pup. Get it plenty of toys and some that are puzzles that they have to push it a certain way to get treats and such. Finally, make sure this dog has plenty of room to run and play!!
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I have a boxer/lab mix who is now 14 years old. They are very loving,playful,loyal dogs. They are easily trained and very smart. It is all in the way you raise them. To keep your dog friendly take him among other animals and people. they also seem to be a very healthy breed of dog. In the 14 years old he only needed the vet for shots. Good luck with your dog.
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Playful, loyal , protective
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I have a lab/boxer, and she is the friendlyist thing on earth. She loves everyone. She is the center of attention, or at least likes to be, no matter what. And shes quiet, only barks when people come to the dooor and maybe only 3 times. Love her :)

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I'm sorry, but you haven't specified what type of dog you are talking about. But, certain types of dogs have certain types of temperaments.
Pit bulls, rottweilers, and dobermans are known for biting and attacking people, children, and other types of dogs for no apparent reason.
While labradors, and golden retrievers are known for being great with kids and are great family dogs.
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pittbulls were actually rated second most loyal to humans next to golden retreivers on animal planet. I have a pitt and boxer lab, the boxer lab actually barks more, and the pitt will only growl if he is tied up and we arent there to tell him the visitor is ok, but he would never bite, hes just cautious. dont stereotype pitts, they are amazing dogs. ALL DOGS NEED TO BE RAISED RIGHT... but if you ARE going to, please add German Shepards. Chihuahuas, and polmeranians.. because those small dogs, bite A LOT.

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