What Is The Healthiest Breed Of Dogs?


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That would be the Labrador.
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Mutts because they can't be over bred and all defects are coused by over breeding but mutts with lab in it are the healthiest
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Sorry but labradors can be prone to hip dysplasia. Generaly the healthiest dogs are those that have been bred for many generations for their ability to work well. Such as racing greyhounds. There are many such that have been retired from racing looking for good homes.
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Ryan Rugraff
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Labradors have been working dogs for as long as I have know the breed. They are among the favorites of hunters. I also like border collies / Aussie shepards if you have the energy, but the do require a lot of attention.
helen baillie-gutteridge
I did not say that labradors don't work - they can. But watch the poor things go off their legs when they are not that old...
They are lovely dogs, don't get me wrong, but I do not think you will see a 14 year old lab still working, but I CAN personally vouch for 14 year old siberian husky still doing the job and loving it.
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Retired greyhounds have their fair share of issues the top one being their teeth, it is very expensive to keep their teeth clean and the shape of their mouth promotes the need to be cleaned at least every 6 months. I had two so I know, also mine had IBS, cancer of the heart and an issue with his back legs to the point that he could not walk in the end. Many of these dogs also suffer from separation anxiety, one of my greys had this issue so bad that I ended up putting him on meds, Great dogs!

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