What Breed Of Dog Is The Most Sought After And Sold Dog?


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Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed bred primarily as a working gun dog, the Labrador Retriever is a gentle breed, with an outgoing nature and a ridiculously friendly temperament. Known for its "otter tail" (and its drool), this athletic dog can go from the hunt to the showroom to the family room with equal aplomb. It looks just as good after a shampoo as it does following a mudbath - a true Renaissance dog!

Because of their gentle natures, Labrador Retrievers make good pets when children or seniors are part of the household, although as pups they can get extremely wild and energetic. While they aren't aggressive, they do bark to keep the weirdos at bay. Keep in mind that Labs have big appetites and need lots of exercise, but they're big ol' friendly dogs. Hey, 150,000+ people can't be wrong . .

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Well nothing beats a shelter pet,but I was reading that yorkies have become the number one dog.
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Well the most sought after dog seems to be the German Shephard not so much for a household pet but for the police force and other areas in that line of work. Top dog at the moment is said to be the Retriever or Labrador.
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Well I have heard many toy breed dogs are the ones people are looking for like yorkies being the number one and maltese or dachshunds(min).

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