How Can You Stop A Dog From Chewing Itself?


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Does dog have fleas? Try this. A little at a time, ( you have to start really slowly with little amounts at first to make sure they'll aquire a taste) sprinkle a little garlic POWDER (not salt) into the food every day. In aweek or so, a little more- don't go crazy, but make sure that it's mixed in. The garlic is good for them, and it changes the taste for the fleas. I started my dogs as pups, and they aren't bothered by the taste, but those fleas HATE it. Never been bothered by ticks either, and I live in thick woods. A raw egg- one a week mixed is good for a dry skin problem. If you wash the dog, pour a couple cap full of bleach into wash water. Its not enough to harm the dog, but enough to knock out bacterias, or mites. Really try the garlic, it stopped my dogs itchy and biting after a week.
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First, if he hasn't been to a vet for it, he should be checked by a vet.  He may have some kind of allergy that makes him itch.  He may need a good hypoallergenic shampooing.   He may need a different change in diet than you've already tried.  I've read that a lot of dogs are allergic to the grain products in most dog foods.  There are many possible causes, so they needed to be systematically ruled out (or in) one at a time.
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Buy some bitter orange at a pet food store or from the veterinarian office.
But you might want to have it checked out because you dog could have fleas or a allergic reaction to the food you are feeding them or even just doggie allergies
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I have the same problem with my chihuahua. I have wormed, de-flead and used front line for ticks. There is no apparent reason for the chewing. The only thing is that it is very hot at the moment and it could just be irritability with the heat. I applied a weak 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to the area.
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To inhibit chewing himself, you should be looking to divert his focus on chewing on those items you are happy for it to chew on and if you depict a lot of anxiety especially after trying benadryl, consider seeing the vet without delay.
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There are medical and behavioral causes for excessive grooming.  In most cases there is a medical cause.  However anxiety, stress, and obsessive-compulsive behavior can lead to self-mutilation.  Even with behavioral problems once they've done damage to the skin this barrier is broken allowing yeast, bacterial, and occasionally mites to create a secondary infection.
Have your dog examined by a veterinarian to rule out medical causes of itching--allergies (flea, food and environmental), ringworm, mites--and start treating secondary infections appropriately.  If the main problem is allergies the treatment is multi-modal (several medications and methods) and is about control not cure.
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Hmm.. tough question. Try something like a lemon. First squeeze the lemon juice all over your dog and then see what happens. Its sour but good enough to stop that rabbit your dog has.
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Its hot spots usually from some sort of allergy.  If they are that bad and smelling, get him to a vet he needs antibiotics, if you don't do it now, scaring will begin and his hair wont grow back.  Good-Luck.
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I don't have the answer to that question but yeah you might as well go with the lemon .. Spread it over your dogs body it kills the flea's .
My dog had the same problem.

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