Can You Tell Me About The Temperament And The Health Of Maltipoo Breed Puppies?


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Maltipoo breed puppies are considered under the toy goup of dog breeds. As their parents poodle and maltese are very famous toy breeds, maltipoo breed puppies exhibits nearly all quilities of their parent breed, poodle and maltese. Maltipoo breed puppies are very playful. Maltipoo breed puppies are also very social. They enjoy romping around with other pets like cats and dogs.

One property that they specially inherits from their parent breed maltese is, they love to play a game of chase em. Maltipoo breed puppies are also bounding with energy. Maltipoo breed puppies are gentle natured and not very mischievous. Maltipoo breed puppies are very intelligent and are always eager to learn new tricks. Maltipoo breed puppies are very good with the children.

Maltipoo breed puppies enjoy a very good health. The life of a maltipoo breed puppies is estimated to be 12 to 15 years which is a very long life in dogs. The advantage of maltipoo breed puppies as a hybrid breed is that they are very less immune to the genetic diseases. However, due to the fact of maltipoo breed puppies being shed very little, they are hypoallergic. So a great care of maltipoo breed puppies must be done.
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You will mostly found slipped stifles, White Shaker Syndrome and  separation anxiety. But it is not necessary that all dog will have
these issue but if you about theses it will help. 

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