What Is The Temperament And Boldness Of Yorkie Puppies?


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However these are associated with the toy category but they are among one of the terrier puppy in the dogs ancestry. These types of dogs are daring, very intelligent and independent dogs. It is very easy to know whether these dogs will fit in the home environment or they like to live with their own fellows. They are very clever dogs and they sometimes bark on the new people they see around you but it is not the habits of all the Yorkie dogs but some of them show friendly nature for the new people. They like to get together with the other Yorkie and like to play with them this is the one of the hobby of the Yorkie dogs.

They are considered one of the boldest dogs and never let their self-respect down. So these are very sensitive types of dogs. They have self-confidence and bold enough. They sometimes act in a way that they can challenge the big dogs despite of their small size. The reason for such behavior of the Yorkie dogs is just because they are unaware of their physic and size. They are very intelligent dogs. According the American dog research institute they are categorized as average dogs in intelligence.

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