Can A Dog Mate Successfully With A Wolf?


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The two previous answers may have helped you understand more about the relationship between dogs and wolves, however neither of them has really answered the question asked.

So, Can dogs really mate with Wolves and therefore produce fertile offspring? The answer is yes.

The reason some may say, is unknown, but scientists have given possible answers why this may be possible. First of all, scientists state that dogs and wolves share a common ancestor and therefore, contain most of the same traits and abilities, which allows them to reproduce with fertile offspring. Secondly, scientists state that dogs and wolves could be considered as the same because the things they do and the way they act. Because of this large similarity, dogs and wolves are able to reproduce, and therefore have fertile offspring. As you know, both wolves and dogs bark, moan, whine, fight, etc. So why would they be considered the same? Maybe they have different kinds of fur colors and patterns, but does that really matter? Well, the answer to that question is yet unknown and undecided.
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A wolf hybrid is the offspring of a wolf (Canis lupus) and a dog (Canis familiaris). Breeding is possible since wolves and dogs are closely related genetically.
A wolf-dog is a cross between a pure wolf and a dog or another wolf dog hybrid, usually malamutes, huskies and German shepherds. Hybrids tend to be heavier and taller than wolves.
Some breeders refuse to believe that wolves and dogs are separate species, claiming that in 1992, scientists reclassified dogs and wolves as the same, thus making the term "hybrid" obsolete.
Wolf content and the number of generations removed from a pure wolf and the type of dog used in each cross must be considered when defining a "wolf-dog." Because of random, inherited genes, the looks and/or behavior of each hybrid varies.
People considering purchasing a wolf-dog must understand that they are still part wild, and will never be a docile family pet. Many wolf-dogs end up in the pound and are put down because it is almost impossible to place a hybrid with a new owner because of bonding tendencies.
Also, some veterinarians will not treat wolf-dogs because in some jurisdictions it is illegal for doctors to treat wild animals such as wolves and hybrids.
Wolf hybrids sell for $100 to as much as $1,500 per animal. Although most breeders are honest, there is a good deal of fraud in the trade. It is not unusual for a large, mixed-breed dog with no wolf blood to be sold as a hybrid for a large amount of money.
Here are some sites of hybrid breeders who claim to be reputable:
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Wolf hybrids can be more wolf-like too. Which means some wolf hybrids are hard to keep as house pets.
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Yes, dogs and wolves are considered different sub-species genetically, and can cross-breed.  The results of interbreeding can be very undesirable, and the two type of animals are not really keen to interbreed; if allowed they form separate and rival social groups.

Dogs are basically wolves that don't grow up.  Compared to wolf adults, dog adults exhibit a lot of puppy like behaviors, including a willingness to be subservient to humans.

Wolves are absolutely NOT hardwired / genetically programmed to be like dogs -- to keep their puppy like virtues; the traits that make dogs good companions to people.  
When dogs and wolves mate the offspring are unreliable; they may make decent pets, but they are just as likely to follow their instincts and be rather wolf-like.

There are lots of Internet resources about the special needs of these animals, if kept as pets (see example).

My uncle had a 50:50 wolf-dog cross who was a good one-man dog for him, but couldn't tolerate children or erratic and unpredictable behavior; she never bothered me but notoriously bit most of my cousins.

Wolves are best kept as wolves, dogs as dogs.  Breeding the two gets you the worst of both worlds.

Husky dogs are very often part wolf.

There is a Russian programme to attempt to breed a new breed of tame "fox" from wild foxes; it's an experiment to see how long it might have taken wild woves to become domesticated dogs.  The experiment has been going about 50 years and already has produced a very dog-like animal (read more).
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A wolf will not degrade himself to breed with a dog, the wolf will kill it first! It took 10000 years to domesticate the dog! So after you wait that long then you can try it, but guess what? It's against the law to breed wolves in captivity, any wolf that is born in captivity can never be intrduced into the wild! It's not fair to them, so if you have a wolf, it must be fixed! Just the facts!!!
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Anonymous, you are indeed correct. if you allow Nature to answer this question, then the answer is no. If you allow people to answer this question the answer is yes.
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Well what I found out is that most people have never heard of this dog named Balto. This dog was the dag who saved Nome, Alaska. This is why Alaska does the iditarod every year. Well Balto had a dog dad and a mom who was a wolf to it is possible to have a wolf-dog who can help people. If you want to know more just google Balto, but there is movies about him so just look at the link you pick. And I love wolves and really hope that in my like time I can get a wolf-dog because I will fall head over heels for it, and I would name him Balto.
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In the wild, the answer is no.  If manipulated by humans, the answer is yes.

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To a earlier question..I have two litter-mates..3 yrs old on january first..there parent dogs are a full-breed rottweiler and husky timberwolf mix..they are two of the best dogs I have ever owned..very loyal...and smart...I would suggest this mix of breed anytime, to anyone, as long as they know that youre boss..all is good!!!!!
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There have been many studies made on the results of mating dogs and wolves. If a dog mates with a wolf or jackal then the offspring will be fertile, whereas the rare occasions when a dog and a fox interbreed barren progeny seem to be produced.
Although dogs and wolves normally have little time for each other, the may interbreed where the two species co-exist.
In the northern parts of the world there is plenty of evidence that bitches have gone in search of wolves in order to mate.
The offspring have characteristics that tend to one side or the other. These are known as Mendelian features. Some of them will bark, some will howl, some have the coat of a wolf, others of a dog. Similarly, some will be timid and go about with their tails between their legs while others never seem to stop wagging their tails.

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