Define The Temperament Of The Imperial Shih Tzu Breed Of Dogs.


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Basically the main purpose of the Imperial Shih Tzu breed of dogs is to play the role of a companion to their owners. By nature, they are verily gregarious and absolutely affectionate creatures, who always display a great magnitude of eagerness to please their owners and masters. Moreover their streak of vivacity also plays a role in entrenching their status as ideal pets as the energy that they are keen to channel out is always utilized in playful tricks and antics, which are particularly performed by them to gain the approval of their masters. In addition to that, they have an independent demeanor, which requires them to have their own personal space for them to function in a normal manner. Furthermore their level of intelligence is also very high, which makes them wonderful learners when it comes to the prospect of training the members who belong to this particular breed.
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I use to raise the Imperial Shih Tzus and they are the sweetest little dog I've ever had. They are very well behaved and loving. They made me think of 'little people' instead of a dog......I envy those who are fortunate enough to have one.....or are breeders of this gorgeous breed!!!!!

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