What Age Can A Female Labrador Can Mate?


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Female dogs will have their first heat anywhere from 6-12 months of age.  However, you should never breed from dogs in their first heat.  Ideally the minimum age for breeding is 2 years.  This is to assure that she is fully developed mentally and physically and any genetic defects she may pass onto her offspring have had time to surface.  Breeding under 2 years increases the chance of puppy rejection and mismothering and it also increases the likelihood of birthing difficulties.  If a C-section has to be performed there are certain inherent risks and costs involved.  
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No earlier than two and after the recommended health testing is done. Here's the link to the parent club and they have the lists of what they should be tested before before breeding usually. You may also want to contact some of the listed breeder's to get a better idea of what's involved.


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